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Thread: Latest Nadi pictures

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    Latest Nadi pictures

    Hi Everyone and must say a big thanks for looking at my pictures and especially if you are responding with comments. The whole process is helping me big time, I feel very ready for progress and by using this site I have already improved in just a couple of weeks, once again many thanks.

    Today we had no visitors and the weather was not raining! so cathy flew Nadi away from the flying display area so background was more suitable. I used my 5D and Canon 1.4 300 l series lens to attempt better focus and blur. I used CS2 for sharpening and stamping out jessies gloves etc. Have left one or two in for comparison, I hope you enjoy seeing this beautiful 5 month old Eagle Owl as i try and capture her in flight as she pounces onto glove. is the link
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