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Thread: Have to brag a little

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    Have to brag a little

    I fully understand this is a digital site, but I would like to brag a bit, anyway.

    The local Art Center just closed their contest for next year's post cards to be sold in the visitor's center. They chose 6 from all those submitted. One of mine was chosen.

    Have to brag a little

    Nikon FG-20, 35-80 Nikkor @ 80 w/0.47 wide angle attached, ASA 200, auto-exposure, bright sun

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    Re: Have to brag a little

    Quote Originally Posted by PopsPhotos View Post
    I fully understand this is a digital site
    Ooh, I wouldn't necessarily say that, it might reflect the majority of photography that occurs these days, but it isn't excluded in the name for example

    btw Why do we put up with all that old fashioned monochrome stuff here anyway?
    Are we not called Cambridge in Colour

    Seriously Pops, congratulations upon your selection, well done

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