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Thread: Cold Morning Shoot

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    Cold Morning Shoot

    Went out this morning -20 C. (-4F) where I was shooting, no camera problems except kept forgetting not to breath on back of camera good ice build-up after an hour of shooting. Clear sky, early morning light, flowing waters, trees, brisk temperatures, and no wind in the valley all this equals one glorious morning shoot. I'am from Canada what can I say? I have been waiting for some cool temperatures so that a good steam will be coming off the water, this morning I got it. Thinking about going out again Friday morning as they talk about snow, that means a rise in temperature, not much snow at -20 C as the air will not hold much moisture at that temperature. Until Friday then.



    Cold Morning Shoot

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    Re: Cold Morning Shoot

    Did you get some close shots of the iced trees with the light shining through? And some with more of the mist rising off the open water?

    I am not sure if you can do something with the blown highlights at the base of the mist to the right, that is my only quibble.

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