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Thread: Poor quality buy interesting

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    Poor quality buy interesting

    I took this photo on Tuesday at dusk I had my ISO at 400, 1/1000th, f/6.3 at 500mm. The pelican was flying very low on the water no more than 1 foot above and fairly fast, the direction he was going is to the left of the photo then he slammed his head in the water and his body spun around due to the speed he was traveling. I didn't even see the fish until I downloaded the photos tonight, I always thought they were diving for one fish but apparently there are small schools or at least this time there was. I know the photo is poor but I thought the story and scene was interesting enough to post, it's fun when you capture something you weren't even aware of hope you enjoy. It would be a cool topic to have people post photos of things they captured but were unaware of at the time.
    Poor quality buy interesting

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    Re: Poor quality buy interesting

    Thanks for sharing Roger.
    It is a wonder the Pelican did not break his neck.
    It would have been a winner if you had it in focus.

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