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Thread: Tethered Shooting - Canon EOS 400D

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    Tethered Shooting - Canon EOS 400D


    I'd like to tether my camera to a widows laptop (for free if possible). Is this something that can be done with a 400D? If I am going to have to buy a programme like Lightroom - which is the cheapest way of getting something that will do the job?



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    Re: Tethered Shooting - Canon EOS 400D

    Quote Originally Posted by UKDivemaster View Post
    I'd like to tether my camera to a widows laptop (for free if possible).
    According to this page:
    all you need is the EOS utility. I've not tried this so your mileage may vary


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    Re: Tethered Shooting - Canon EOS 400D

    Canon users are fortunate in that we have the software for tethered captured supplied on the Canon EOS disk which came with the camera.

    This site also once had a tutorial on how to build a tripod mounted flat holding-tray for your notebook computer but, I could not find the tutorial when I looked. You might find it if you looked closer on this site but, in reality it is a simple tray made from plywood of an appropriate size with a lip at the bottom to prevent the computer from sliding off if the tray is tlted. You mount the tray on an old (but sturdy) tripod with the 1/4" x 20 tripod screw which would normally secure the camera to the tripod head...

    You will see him using such a tray in the above video...

    Shooting tethered is great and can actually be used to determine exposure if you don't have a flash meter and are working with manual studio strobes...

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