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Thread: Full moon night near the city

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    Full moon night near the city

    Always 2012 pic...
    tomorrow I'm going to escape befor the right time from the office to shot some sunset and night photos...
    Up to now I've to work on the old material

    I must use shorter shutter time to remove star trails...
    The colours are washed a bit, but I think the moon (+ manual flash) light hardly can produce better colours. Without punching them in PP
    C&C welcome

    Full moon night near the city

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    Re: Full moon night near the city

    I like the colours, Nicola. That shot could inspire me to get out at dusk more often.

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    Re: Full moon night near the city

    That is a difficult scene to capture. The distant lights are liable to become an over exposed blur. A shorter shutter speed would probably be a good idea all round; providing you can still have a correctly exposed foreground.

    Maybe another case for two shots to create a bit of 'manual HDR' merge.

    That would allow for 2 different white balance settings.

    Certainly a shot which should be worth a little experimentation.

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