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Thread: Nikon p7100

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    Nikon p7100

    I am looking to purchase a nice little point and shoot camera and after seeing the p7700 and some of the Canons I think the p7100 is the best camera for me. This is partly true because I am a Nikon shooter and am used to the controls and jargon. I would be using this camera strictly for walking around and not for what I would consider "serious" work. I was wondering if anyone had the p7100 and if so what your thoughts on it was regarding limitations and how it was working for you. Thanks

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    Re: Nikon p7100

    The reviews of it seem to be good over all but there are other in it's price range that maybe a better choice. Most here like myself will tell you the best thing to do is find a store that had what your looking for, go in and play around with the ones your thinking of, how dose it feel in your hands, are the controls easy for you to reach etc etc. In doing this your will know if it's the right one for you

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