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Thread: Snow covered rocks in creek.

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    Snow covered rocks in creek.

    Snow covered rocks in a mostly frozen creek close to my house in western Ohio.
    Snow covered rocks in creek.

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    Re: Snow covered rocks in creek.

    Some interesting details in this and it invites the eye to wander over the whole pic poking in and out of the various nooks and crannies. But a couple of things. The curve of the water flow on the left and the fact that the icicles all slope to the left give the impression that the the pic is not horizontal which I find a little distracting. Most of the snow has been handled quite well but there are a couple of hotspots in what are quite prominent areas, but a little cloning can fix that. I actually find the upper right quarter to be the most interesting as there is a lovely combination of wood and snow creating almost animal like shapes. So if you are considering a crop then I would suggest removing just a little more than a quarter of the pic from the left and somewhere between a quarter and a third from the bottom which to my eye looks a lot better balanced.

    Hope this helps.


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