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Thread: Personal Photo Projects

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    Personal Photo Projects

    While I am not up for a Project 365 I am considering a Project 52. Rather than take a "shoot anything" approach I am trying to get a general theme or two started that will help me keep me focused and motivated at the same time. For those that have done this I would love to hear about your experience in terms of improvement of overall skills and any other benefits that you derived from the exercise. To theme or not to theme that is the question?

    I am thinking about two distinct projects: One very abstract in nature experimenting with longer exposures and intentional camera movement and the other a study of statuary/sculpture in Honolulu.

    I am hoping that the abstract work as a study of light and get me more comfortable with camera settings although I expect the results to be more random in that I won't always be able to envision the end result. With the statuary study I am hope to improve my composition and general photography skills.

    Any input or helpful links on defining a theme would be welcome.


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    Re: Personal Photo Projects

    A project based on statuary/sculpture many would class as interpretative rather than creative but may be very worthwhile from a documentary point of view. An abstract based project would definitely be creative. Either theme would certainly give you plenty of options for experimenting and honing your photographic skills.

    Good luck with whichever you decide to pursue.

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    Re: Personal Photo Projects

    I second the statuary project because I'm REALLLLLLY tired of seeing the same King Kamehameha statue from the same angle with the same blue sky, etc. that looks just like every other picture of the the statue. When I visited the MLK Memorial in Washington, DC, I struggled with trying to find a different view, even though it's only been up for a bit less than a year at this point, I think.

    Please be sure to post your statuary pictures to give us some ideas about our own statuary.

    Thanks for this particular idea.


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    Re: Personal Photo Projects

    Shane, I am not a huge fan of photographs of art. It's already art, and so it may make a good interpretive collection, or a chronicle of the statues in Hawaii, for others to see and take note of, the photos to me, will never really be anything but snapshots. Again - my opinion only, and if the intention of your personal project is to do exactly that, then all the power to you!

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