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Thread: Nikkor dx 55-300 aperture blade stuck

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    Nikkor dx 55-300 aperture blade stuck

    Unfortunately, the 1 year- warranty of this lens expired just a month ago. Thinking of selling it for parts at a fraction of a price and hoping it might interest someone. (bought it for $400) But maybe somebody had the same experience, any idea, quick fix, anything? This is a DX format, af-s vr 55-300. Used it for few occasions only. Problem occurred after I came back from Norway 2weeks ago. I used it only for a few shots, but my friend and I have several lenses that time, and none had a problem but this. So I doubt it was the freezing temperature after shooting outdoor. It was not that cold after all.

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    Re: Nikkor dx 55-300 aperture blade stuck

    Lack of use is often cause of sticking diaphragm blades, especially in cold when the thin lubrication may stick.

    Try using the manual close down button (as when checking depth of field) and see if it closes, if not try warming lens up a little so as to make any lubrication more fluid, pressing depth of field button and some gentle tapping. Once it frees make sure to use the lens a bit, even if only opening and closing the aperture. Setting aperture to smallest opening, eg f22 will also help in freeing it up.

    Good job you noticed, always worth checking lenses before going on a trip for such problems.

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