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Thread: Mendenhall Motors in Brookville, Ohio

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    Mendenhall Motors in Brookville, Ohio

    I used Topaz Simplify to end up with result from a HDR photo of Mendenhall Motors.
    Mendenhall Motors in Brookville, Ohio

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    Re: Mendenhall Motors in Brookville, Ohio

    Hi again Don,

    I started on your other post first; Office at Mendenhall Motors

    Ah - now here you did keep the lens level, or corrected perspective in PP, and it looks much better for it - the only thing I'd suggest is that after doing that, you need to crop and lose a bit of foreground floor. My suggestion would be to the level where the hose exits frame

    Before shooting, I would have "figure-eighted" that hose, to make the place look tidy.

    This is a very 'artsy' painterly mono shot, it has a bit of a 'ghost' visible beyond/beneath the pickup truck though.

    Again, I'd like to know the purpose of the shot.

    I hope you enjoyed shooting these and even if I appear to be critical, I hope I'm not spoiling that. I am envious of the opportunity you had, was this a commission, or just amateur practice (such as I would do it)?

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    Re: Mendenhall Motors in Brookville, Ohio

    Just amateur practice. I have bought used cars from here and got permission to take photos. The ghosting under the truck is one of the workers doing his job.

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