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Thread: Which photo defines the shape best?

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    Which photo defines the shape best?

    Jon (plumcrak) made a great suggestion in another thread showing this same bowl that I eliminate the reflection of the base. Now that I have done that, I like it a lot more. Thanks again, Jon!

    While making the image, I finally figured out a way to effectively (I think) use a white reflector on this interestingly shaped bowl. (It's not circular and the top dips and rises relative to the distance from the tabletop.) Use of the reflector is effective only if most people viewing the image feel that it helps define the shape of the bowl.

    So, please let me know which image, if any, better defines the shape for you. Aside from that, which image do you prefer and why?

    Many thanks in advance for your help!

    Without the reflector
    Which photo defines the shape best?

    With the reflector
    Which photo defines the shape best?
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    Re: Which photo defines the shape best?

    I prefer the picture without reflector, I my view if you make an even picture from a bowl it should be even, the reflector disturbs the back side and in the other series I prefered the picture with the 'busy' mirrored bottom.

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    Re: Which photo defines the shape best?

    Why don't you ask a hard question Mike?

    I prefer #1 (without), but #2 (with) is better to help my brain determine the shape.

    From (dim distant) memory, I always found the placing of a reflector in the dark field illuminated glassware a bit of a black art, not helped by the effect being so subject dependent that any experience gained 'last time' is likely to be useless 'next time' when a new shape subject is on the table.

    One of those things where you almost need to film yourself moving the reflector around and have a split screen with a picture of the studio on one half and the camera's view on the other, to figure out where the optimal place is.


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    Re: Which photo defines the shape best?

    Mike, for me #2 defines the shape better than #1. In the 1st shot the back side of the bowl appears flat while the 2nd shot gives it shape.
    I am with Dave on this one though...#1 is more visually pleasing but #2 defines it.

    Sorry if that doesn't help.


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