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Thread: Birth

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    First, Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all had a beautiful time with your families.

    I had a chance to get out and take some shots earlier today. This one really grabbed me when I saw the frame. The birth of the ice, the birth of Jesus and of course the contrast of black and white implying the duality of it all, religion.

    I am interested in C+C please fire away!


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    Re: Birth

    Hi Tom,

    I like the idea and you've done quite well here, there are just a few 'tweaks' I'd suggest (all optional).

    If mine, I would try it with the icicle hanging vertical, but the angle doesn't bother me too much,given the composition.
    a) I think I would lose 10-15% off the left, too much dark deadspace for my personal taste, but see point d) below.
    b) I'd clone out the two dark bits on the pale (road?) surface
    c) I'd clone out the bright parts (more ice) top of frame
    d) Is there anything more on the right? - although intentionally de-focused, I feel the image would be better if not 50/50 split dark/light, as it would be if you did my crop suggestion in a)

    Hope that helps,

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