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Thread: Stylized Photos

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    Stylized Photos

    Here's a photo that I did a decent amount of PP on, I thought it came out pretty well, especially compared to the boring origional. C&C encouraged
    Stylized Photos

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    Re: Stylized Photos

    Hi Kent,

    It's had so much PP I cannot work out the original content! That is NOT a criticism by the way, quite the opposite.

    Having gone this far, I now find the shady bit on the extreme left, plus the bits just behind and either side of the figure's head a distraction. Why not go the whole hog and clone those away, and just have a dreamy white mush of a background all over?

    You might also want to remove what looks like the reflection of a camera strap in the cheek on the left too, even if that isn't what it is.

    Hope that helps,

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