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Thread: 3.8 billion pixel image of Mt. Everest

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    3.8 billion pixel image of Mt. Everest

    Maybe some of you have already seen this but I just read about it today and zoomed around the image and was quite impressed by the incredible detail.

    Here's the link I first found (the article is in Spanish), I like the way they have some green squares that you can click on to zoom into certain areas:
    I suggest first clicking on the green square to the left and then zooming in on what appears to be litter.

    Here's an article in English and you can follow the link to the original site but the image there doesn't have any points highlighted:

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    Re: 3.8 billion pixel image of Mt. Everest

    ˇImpresionante! An incredible fusion of photos. It appears to be getting a little overcrowded there! Look at the Spanish version, click on the green squares and wait for the image to self- zoom. You can almost see the expressions on the climbers faces.

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