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Thread: Januwednesfest - allenlennon

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    Januwednesfest - allenlennon

    Hi guys, im all for it, and i hope i stick to it, heres hoping. So to get this right, one photo a week on wednesday? So it has to be up on wednesday, or close to is fine? And can we upload more, no more than 7 a week? Also, do i upload the photos here, or in another section?

    Ok questions aside i will be using my 60D(no choice really) and my 18-55mm. I'll also be using this as a learning tool, not only for the lens, but also with self portraits. Well, thats my goal, and i hope thats ok.

    Really hoping to stick to it!

    Also a side note- I have a wireless internet dongel, similer to the usb dongels you get but wireless, and only have 8GB a month, so if i reach that limit, i'll either have to tranfer the photo to my phone to upload to fliker than bb code it here, or go to mums.

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    Re: Januwednesfest - allenlennon

    8GB is quite a large limit for most internet use photos etc, Allen. It would be a bit different if you were uploading full size Raw images.

    Linking from other sites is often quite a good idea. For example, I upload my Project 52 photos to my P base site and link from there.

    Usually my images are resized to around 800 to 1,000 pixels on the longest edge at 80% Jpeg before uploading, which does save a lot of file size.

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