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Thread: The Ravages of Tide and Time

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    The Ravages of Tide and Time

    Over the past 8 years I have visiting Auchmithie, a small fishing village north of Arbroath. In 2003 I took the first photograph of these 3 boats lying on the shingle beach.

    The Ravages of Tide and Time

    I can also remember "The Lobster Pot" at Auchmithie a small pub over looking the North Sea and entertaining a Chinese Trade delegation whilst working for BP, based in Shed 16 at Dundee Port during 1980. The sea food was superb and all had a good evening. Too much Crab, Lobster and Smokies washed down with ale and wine !!

    Sadly The Lobster Pot has now been converted into flats. and the boats are now in the state of the last photograph taken on misty morning in April 2011.

    I am to return in three weeks and see whats where now...

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    Re: The Ravages of Tide and Time

    Sad to see such lovely old boats go to waste. Would like to see the images in a larger size.
    Cheers, Greg

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