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Thread: Cross post to attract your attention

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    Cross post to attract your attention

    On another forum that I frequent I recommended that someone asked a question here, which he did but he's had no response.

    That's seems odd as I've noticed most first time posters get a warm welcome. However he did add his question to the bottom of an existing thread so perhaps that's why it's been missed.

    Of course it could be that no one can help him but please can I ask that you look here:
    What's the best way to archive my pics?



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    Re: Cross post to attract your attention, this site is a paid site, but they have a 7 day free trial and this seminar I believe can be listened to during that trial., this is a link to the tutorial here on this site., this is an article on the Library of Congress web site. this is a blog article from a local photo store that is interesting.

    I have not read any in depth because other than backing up on an external drive I haven't done much with my own photos. Hope these are useful, I know now that you have posted your question I am going to follow because a lot of my photos are scanned originals from the family "photo box" and really need to be archived and documented.

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