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Thread: Setting aperture on a D7000 with a reverse ring

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    Setting aperture on a D7000 with a reverse ring

    Hi All,

    Does anybody know how to manually set the aperture on a lens with a reverse ring on a D7000?

    At the moment I can only move the little prong thing on the lens and hold it in place with some tape.

    I was watching a guide where a Canon body was being used.

    This person put the lens on the body, set the aperture to f/8, pressed the dof preview button and while holding the button he removed the lens.

    This left the lens set at f/8 and then he could mount the lens back on the body with a reverse ring.

    If I try this on the D7000, when I remove the lens I see the blades close like the lens is back at f/22.


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    Re: Setting aperture on a D7000 with a reverse ring

    Canon and Nikon don't have the same aperture actuation mechanisms. On Nikon, it is mechanical, while on Canon it is electric. So the methods for stopping down are different. On Canon, you may use the DOF preview button to stop down the lens, and it will stay so when you remove it, while on Nikon, you can set any aperture by moving the stop-down lever.

    There are some macro utilities that use a ring attached to the bayonet mount of the lens, and stop it down mechanically to preset values, but the more common method is to actuate the lever either with a finger to a random stop, but some lenses allow a piece of cardboard, wood or plastic to be inserted by the side of the lever, and this implement may be sized to give a specified stop.

    With old lenses that have a mechanical F-stop ring, it is simpler, as on those lenses the lever may be locked fully stopped down and the aperture adjusted with the ring.

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