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Thread: Foggy morning at Lake Erie.

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    Foggy morning at Lake Erie.

    Another shot of the foggy morning at Lake Erie at Huntington Park in Westlake, Ohio. My wife is in the background takeing her photos.
    Foggy morning at Lake Erie.

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    Re: Foggy morning at Lake Erie.

    It's the kind of landscape photography I like Don.

    Few suggestions:

    - crop some of the right part so that the diagonal starts from the corner of the frame. This trick often makes the line more intense.

    - some more selective sharpening on the rocks.

    - A PP gradient on the sky to darken and saturate it a bit or increase the contrast.

    - A tiny bit of PP vignetting to drive the eye more.

    Hope it helps.

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    Re: Foggy morning at Lake Erie.

    It is a nice image, Don. I wondered processing to bring out more color in the rocks would help.

    I agree with Miltos's comments, except that I would crop off the clouds at the top. Because they are so bright, the viewer looks at them first, but there really is not much of interest in them. By eliminating the clouds, the viewer concentrates on the rocks, the fogginess in the background and the overall moodiness of the image.

    My two cents worth...

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