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Thread: Chess Set

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    Chess Set

    Shot these in a state of boredom this morning.

    Sorry for linking, but there's a number of them, just looking for general feedback.

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    Re: Chess Set

    Blake I have done the same with glass chess pieces and yes I was bored as well. I found looking at my images and again with yours the photo's of the board in it's entirety did nothing for me. The images that stood out were the ones with a strong central focus point and so my pick would be #15. The king to me is the focal point positioned on the line of thirds and it has a highlight on it which draws my eye to it, the Queen slightly less so mainly because of it's less interesting shape.
    Both pieces are nice and sharp and your lighting has produced great shadows which along with your use of the depth of field draws you into the image.
    I like it a lot, well done, better than my effort.
    Cheers, Greg

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    Re: Chess Set

    Hi Blake,

    I agree with Greg; #15 is the best.

    I wonder if there is any merit in trying 'less complex' compositions; in many you have several different textures and shapes all competitng with each other.

    e.g. in #11 (the best demonstration of my point) there is the wood grain of the table (in 3 directions), the chess board grain, the scratches on it, the square pattern, the diagonal shadow pattern and the pieces themselves.


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