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Thread: Rodenstock TV-Heligon 0.75/50

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    Rodenstock TV-Heligon 0.75/50

    Would anybody have information pertaining Rodenstock TV-Heligon 0.75/50 lens to share?
    I need image circle diameter and flange focal distance.
    Thank you kindly.

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    Re: Rodenstock TV-Heligon 0.75/50

    Might find some information here:


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    Re: Rodenstock TV-Heligon 0.75/50

    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn NK View Post
    Might find some information here:

    Thank you, nothing there for the lens unfortunately.

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    Re: Rodenstock TV-Heligon 0.75/50

    I would hazard a guess. TV lens for maybe 1in vidicon tubes. These would have an active area of around 2/3 of that as per ccd sizes and as it's a TV lens very probably relatively low resolution.Think 625,405 lines TV.

    You could knock something up to find out all there is to know about it at least roughly. Stick some graph paper over a hole in a box and illuminate with a torch from the rear. Set a focal length on the lens and that distance from a wall. Darken room. Move the box etc about until you get a sharp image of the graph paper on the wall. Loosely how this might be done on an optical bench so can be refined to give pretty precise results.

    If the lens doesn't have a focus mechanism move the box instead.

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