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Thread: The end of summer

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    The end of summer

    Came across this scene whilst walking through a local wood a few days ago. The framing seemed perfect. I metered off the sky, which was very bright, then asked the model to step into the central space. Most of the shot was thrown into silhouette, which was what I wanted. I thought it looked better in B&W - as most silhouettes do.

    C+C welcome.

    It looks better on black background (click on image header)

    The end of summer

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    Re: The end of summer

    Looks good to me (I would add some deep and meaningful advice, but I can't think of anything to say that would improve it) (which is becoming an increasing problem around here!).

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    Re: The end of summer

    Hi Rob,

    If I were to be nit picky, (who me ), I might say it looks, as distinct from actually being, slightly leaning. I appreciate it's on a hill and all.

    I would have suggested getting the bold, fairly central thick post vertical (and let the gate and ground do their own thing). Unfortunately, the pose of the young chap prevents this, as then he'll definitely look 'wrong' if you twist it. As I say, it may well actually be level, it's just with so much telling my eyes something else (including unfortunate cloud formations), a slight tweak to have something obvious vertical, would have helped.

    Definitely an observation, not a criticism - it may even have been deliberate.

    The composition and exposure really work.

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