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Thread: Old gentleman - C&C most welcome

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    Old gentleman - C&C most welcome

    I find giraffes a very difficult subject to photograph. Partly because you are always shooting from below (obvs. ) but also because I find it very hard to capture the languid movement in a still photo Here I've decided to try a portrait shot. It's an elderly male, and I think it shows in his face - it looks like he's had a bit of a hard life. Do you think it works? (And a bonus point if you know how I know it's a (gentle)man )

    Thanks for viewing

    Old gentleman - C&C most welcome

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    Re: Old gentleman - C&C most welcome

    Uhm....a little bird told you so? Nice image, I have struggled with these long fellas as well. I like the little bird atop his lump. It would have been a little nicer had the background been further away for a little more seperation. I think the bird almost gets lost. Having said that I like it.

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