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Thread: A New Birth

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    A New Birth

    Sunrise, Alexandria, Egypt
    Nikon D300, NIKKOR VR Lens 18-55mm /3.5-5.6G
    Focal Length: 40mm
    Shutter Speed: 31 sec
    Aperture: f/5.3
    ISO: 100
    Taken November 4, 2012
    A New Birth

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    Re: A New Birth

    Welcome Khaled.

    Beautiful shot - the sky, city line, reflections on the water all look great. The foreground boat adds a nice touch to it.

    However the slow shutter has blurred the boats in the middle which spoils it a bit for me. Others more experienced may be able to say how this can be avoided or corrected.

    Thanks for sharing, it is an astounding image all the same.

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    Re: A New Birth

    Assuming this was shot on a tripod, I suspect the aperture of F5.3 simply reduced the depth of focus. Although any subject movement also causes a problem.

    I would have increased the Iso to around 400 and used an aperture of, say for example, F11.

    However, this might be a good case for taking two shots with different focus points then merging them together; subject to a lack of subject movement and having suitable software.

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