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Thread: Nex-6

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    I was just wondering if anyone had bought the new nex-6 yet and what it was like.

    Regards Zulu

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    Re: Nex-6

    Not in stores yet expected availability is around November 07 if Sony is on the ball. The NEX-6 will combines much of the best from the older NEX-7 and the new 5R. NEX-6 uses the same sensor as the 5R, which incorporates both phase-detection and contrast autofocus systems for (hopefully) improved AF performance. It also has the same Wi-Fi connectivity options as the 5R, including support for Sony's proprietary PlayMemories Camera apps, along with a similar touch-operated tilting LCD (though it doesn't have a similar self-portrait mode). Note that the hybrid-specific AF features will not work with all older lenses at launch and will require firmware updates.

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