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Thread: Identification of Chicks

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    Identification of Chicks

    Hi Folks,
    I shot these images in the early summer and could only manage a couple of fast snaps, for as they say the Bird has flown, I had intented to try and identify the bird then but got waylayed. Doing some organization on images I came upon them and decided to get an identification. I think they are in the Tit family but not sure. The first image shows one of the parents in the bottom left but alas it is blurred.
    Any help would be most appreciated,
    Best Wishes, Pat

    Identification of Chicks

    Identification of Chicks

    Identification of Chicks

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    Re: Identification of Chicks

    Those beaks seem a little on the long side which make me wonder about one of the Pipits or Warblers?

    But I find those species difficult to identify even with perfect photos of the adults.

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