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Thread: St Bavo

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    St Bavo

    The cathedral at Ghent (or Gand in Walloon), Belgium which is dedicated to St Bavo.

    St Bavo

    St Bavo

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    Re: St Bavo

    Hi Peter,

    Probably took a bit of a wait to get these shots so clear of people , worth the wait.

    Two quite decent shots, although I think both would benefit from a bit of careful sharpening.

    Here's my attempt on #1.
    St Bavo
    What I did, both quite subtle as you've already done some PP;
    USM for LCE: 15%, 30px, 0th
    USM to sharpen: 100%, 0.3px, 5th EDIT, this may be overdone now
    I didn't even try to do anything with colour temp because there is a huge mixture in there already and I 'm sure I'd only make it worse than your current balance

    EDIT2 So then I wondered what mono would look like;
    St Bavo
    From your original, this was just remove colour and add some LCE for contrast as 25%, 90px, 1th.
    No additional sharpening seemed to be necessary!
    Well I have learnt from doing these this morning, so thanks for sharing the pics.

    I hope it helps you/others too.

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    Re: St Bavo

    I spent summer 2006 working in Ghent.. a beautiful city, with STUNNING architecture. I remember the first week, I was walking in the streets and couldn't stop staring at all those 11-12th century miracles. Wish I could come back there..
    Anyway, I like your shot. I'd just clone out all those tourists except one, and paint his/her clothes black to look like a monk.. Just kidding Seriously.. I'm not sure of the floor. I know you can't change the floor in a cathedral, but I find this contrasty black/white pattern distracting and it keeps my eyes away from the main subject. I guess I'd try to shoot to have as little of the floor in the frame as possible.

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    Re: St Bavo

    I think I agree with Dave about the sharpening. However I think they might be slightly out of focus and then over sharpened. I don't know its an odd effect. It is a beautiful location and you have captured the space nicely. I am afraid I would have been daunted with the people and concentrated on the architectural detail.


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