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    what is it that makes the color yellow so resistant to definition .....shooting marrigolds w/ 105 micro and the brilliance hides the definition and pp filtering dosent seem to!

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    Re: yellow


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    Re: yellow

    But don't overdo the underexposure or you will lose the brilliance.

    Shoot RAW and try a Custom White Balance. Possibly fiddle with the colour temperature during processing.

    Bright yellows are just difficult; like magenta and purple.

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    Re: yellow

    Actually, red is bad too. I find if you shoot in RAW you can reduce the effect with the colour saturation slider for red/yellow in CS4. That is the easiest way to do it, I think. The hue and luminance sliders may also help it. If you shoot in JPEG it's a little more difficult. I find it's worse where the red/yellow covers most of the frame, such as a flower of that colour. Give it a try.

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