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Thread: Hi I am Faiz Khan From New delhi, want to buy a camera

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    Hi I am Faiz Khan From New delhi, want to buy a camera

    Hi I am Faiz Khan From New delhi, INDIA

    i am new in photography and want to purchase new camera .

    which camera i should buy from these 2 of them

    1 Cannon SX50 HS

    2 Nikon P 510

    please reply as soon as possible

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    Re: Hi I am Faiz Khan From New delhi, want to buy a camera

    Hi and welcome to CiC!
    Both are great camera and prices close to each other, the Cannon being around $50 bucks higher but for that you get a longer zoom, great 24p movies for that film look, around 60% more shots per battery charge and supports an external flash which the Nikon dose not and there other advantages it has over the Nikon . On the other hand with the Nikon you get a flip-out screen which is also bigger than the Canon and significantly higher resolution screen than there, In-camera HDR, In-camera panoramas, it's smaller and it's cheaper just name few things.

    Really it depends what your wanting to do after all. Both are good camera to get started with.

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    Re: Hi I am Faiz Khan From New delhi, want to buy a camera

    Fiaz - I would not get too hung up on either Canon or Nikon. With a crossover camera, you are not dedicating yourself to a system. Sony and especially Panasonic have generally been very strong players in this category of cameras; probably more so than either Canon or Nikon. These are commodity items I would look at the price as the main deciding factor as to which way I went, so long as the features are more or less what you are looking for. While I shot Nikon DSLRs, I have been fairly unimpressed with their point & shoot and cross-over offerings.

    As a general rule, discount any references to "digital zoom", as this is not something that is going to give you quality images. Megapixel count is something else I would not get too terribly worried about as this is more of a marketing ploy that something that has a real practical advantage. These superzooms tend to have very small sensors and anything more than 10 or 12 MP is going to not improve your image quality as the lenses and image processors will end up smearing the images and not give you any real benefits in spite of the impressive looking specs.

    The super long focal lengths are not terribly useful either, as it is virtually impossible to get a shot unless you are using a tripod. Long focal lengths are very difficult to hand-hold, especially given the relatively slow sensitivity and maximum lens speed. I personally prefer something with a higher wide angle setting, as that is more likely to be used.

    I hope that this helps.

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    Re: Hi I am Faiz Khan From New delhi, want to buy a camera

    Hi Faiz,

    Welcome to Cambridge in Colour!

    When purchasing a new camera it is important to consider what you are going to be taking photos of and what audience will be viewing them. It also depends on what kind of photos you are looking to take. If you are looking to take pictures of things like family events, vacations and other personal photos and then show them to friends and family a point and shoot would be fine. If you are looking to go out for the sole purpose of taking photos with the intentions of creating creative images I highly recommend looking into a dslr. I feel that crossovers lose the portability of a point and shoot but lack the versatility of a DSLR. Also I personally don't like the simulated view finders that cross-over cameras often have, but that's just me. In my opinion its worth looking at an entry level DSLR or even a used model. At the end of the day all that matters is that your enjoying yourself.


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