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Thread: Vítor Hugo's bread!

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    Vítor Hugo's bread!

    Hi. I usually post on Nature and arquitecture, but decided to start giving more attention and learn about people portraits.
    I present you my little boy, Vítor Hugo. Besides being the main reason of my life, he is now beating the birds and ranking #1 on my preferred shooting subjetcs!

    As always, C&C welcome! Kindest regards,

    Vítor Hugo's bread!

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    Re: Vítor Hugo's bread!

    I was expecting to see Les Misérables author "Victor" Hugo's old and moldy bread, but this is a much better treat.

    He is a beautiful child, Otavio. He has such a sweet expression on his face. Children are a gift, and by your comments I can tell how aware you are of that. Keep taking the photos, and they'll be passed on from generation to generation.
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