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Thread: Torn wing of a butterfly.

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    Torn wing of a butterfly.

    I was toiling for long to take butterfly pictures.I saw a large beautiful butterfly.But after taking shots from different viewpoints i discovered its wing was torn.I don't know how it happened but i felt sad.My effort was ruined partially if not fully.C&C will be appreciated very much.Thanks.1.Torn wing of a butterfly.
    2.Torn wing of a butterfly.

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    Re: Torn wing of a butterfly.

    For me, the background is a little too bright and saturated which makes it distracting.

    Torn butterfly wings are quite common. I often find spring butterflies, which have survived the winter, to have so much damage that I wonder how they manage to fly.

    For me, there are a number of reasons to photograph butterflies. Identification is just as good with damaged specimens; and some that are really damaged have a bit of character. But yes, when going for a perfect result to hang on the wall a good condition subject is needed.

    And, like you, I sometimes don't notice the problem until I look closely at the image on my computer screen.

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    Re: Torn wing of a butterfly.

    I don't know that it makes it any less of a worthy subject though. It certainly shows the delicacy and vulnerability of the creature.

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