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Thread: Help me diagnose color management issue

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    Help me diagnose color management issue

    I'm having a hard time grasping the fine points of color management.

    I calibrated my monitor with ColorMunki device.

    I downloaded a test image - from Digital Dog - says ColorMatch RBG.

    If I look at it in Picasa with Color Management turned OFF, it matches the printer colors - HP7510

    If I look at in in LR4, it looks much different. If I turn color management ON in Picasa, it matches the LR4 colors. BUT if I print the image from LR4, it still looks like the first image described (Picasa with color management OFF) and the colors are different than LR4.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Help me diagnose color management issue

    Hello "person who's first name we do not yet know because they haven't put it in the real name filed of their profile",

    It sounds to me like the display profiles are working correctly, but you're not using the correct profile to print. Profiling your monitor is one thing (and a very good thing at that), but you still need to be using an appropriate printer profile for the printer / media settings / inkset / media combination that you're using.

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    Re: Help me diagnose color management issue

    You calibrated your monitor and you told your software to use colour management, but did you use a printer profile? You need to tell the computer/software how the printer is set up if you want your prints to look close to what you are getting on screen.

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