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Thread: Round GND Filters For Landscapes

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    Round GND Filters For Landscapes

    I don't shoot with a round GND filter because the ND cut-off line is diractly across the center of the filter and I just don't frame my images with the horizon splitting the center of the image!

    I would like to see a round GND filter with the ND portion only on approximately the top third of the filter. That way I could use a round GND filter and still more-or-less conform to the rule of thirds...

    Sure, I could use my square GND filter but, when I want to travel fairly light as on my upcoming trip to China, it would be a lot easier to just carry an additional round filter than carry the filter holder for my square GND filter plus the rather large filter itself..

    Also, I would have to completely change my filter/lenshood setup if I wanted to mount a square filter instead of the present lenshood I use on my 17-55mm f/2.8 IS lens.

    Maybe I could just hold the square filter in front of the lens but, that would be a PIA and not efficient.

    I will just leave the square filter and holder at home when I go to China and Photoshop bright skies out. I am really worried, however, about the impact of the excessive smog and air polution on the skies of my images.

    Graduated ND effect in Photoshop[/color]

    Additionally, I could just use a round GND and crop the image extensively to more-or-less conform to the rule of thirds. But, this could be accompliahed better with a full-frame 21MP camera than with my 1.6x gear. However, even with full-frame equipment; that extensive cropping would negate the advantages of full-frame to a large extent.

    I would still like a GND with the ND across the top 1/3 of the frame instead of splitting the filter in half.


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    Re: Round GND Filters For Landscapes

    I THINK IT (oops ) has some merit, but I can see why filter manufacturers don't do it; if they made "top 1/3 split" they would also have to make "bottom 1/3 split" ones too, doubling production cost for minimal increase in sales. Then there would be those users that want both and 'don't want to buy the same filter twice' so would moan and say 'why not put it in the middle' so we can choose!

    I think framing half way and cropping above or below for the thirds is exactly what they want you/us to do.

    To be honest, I don't have a real problem with that much cropping, even on (my) 12MP. You are only going to notice if you intend printing really big. And as Colin often says, people can make up the difference with effective sharpening 9 times out of 10.

    I have to say, in this day and age of demand and supply, I am slightly surprised that someone isn't making them somewhere, although if a cottage industry; the quality may be suspect.

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    Re: Round GND Filters For Landscapes

    Quote Originally Posted by rpcrowe View Post
    Just take the rectangular filter with you and "be done with it"

    Hand holding works fine for short exposures -- and I've seen rubber bands pressed into action as a makeshift holder as well.

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    Re: Round GND Filters For Landscapes

    I am a Cokin/Lee user.
    Your idea sounds well.
    All the best
    Radu Dinu

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