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Thread: More trees

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    More trees

    This weekend I tried to put some of your advices into practice.
    This is one of the shots I came up with.
    CiC, please!
    More trees

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    Re: More trees

    I see from your title "Old Dead Tree" that it was what took your interest? Trouble is that you included too much foreground which pushes it out into the middle distance to diminish its importance in the photo. Makes it no more important than the rather plain bush on the left hand side and the wee plant in the foreground isn't really needed. It helps to give a sense of depth to the photo BUT. If you cannot get closer to a subject then you can bring it closer by lowering the camera position but with all that quite long growth here I don't think it would work.
    My crop which includes a bit of the bush along with a mirror which in this case I don't think helps but it is often worth checking to see if it does.
    More trees

    Edit .. a further thought that the tree has great texture, particularly if taken with more dramatic lighting and without the tree in the background, camera to the left? ..... and could stand on its own without the rather mundane surrounding foliage ....selection is one of the important aspects of photography in my book rather than the 'get it all in' camp.
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