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Thread: Brasov (Romania)

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    Brasov (Romania)

    recently done a road trip to romania for "work". we stopped at a place called Brasov. The pics are not anything amazing but thought you might appreciate seeing somewhere a touch different. I would recommend anyone to go there. you can get very drunk for less than 20 (if thats your thing) and you can eat like a king for less than 25 a day. The scenery is amazing and i just wish i had more time over there

    Brasov (Romania) The road to Brasov

    Brasov (Romania) A poor attempt at hollywood

    Brasov (Romania) the walk to the sign

    Brasov (Romania) the view from the top

    Brasov (Romania) another view from the top

    Brasov (Romania) the other side of brasov hill

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    Re: Brasov (Romania)

    Nice pictures, Paul. Does look like a lovely place. Glad you enjoyed your visit there.

    I'll have to try and go there one day, and with the prices you quoted for getting drunk and eating like a king, heck, I'll do both.


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