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Thread: When the cows come home...

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    When the cows come home...

    I though this would be fairly easy since cows don't move very fast...I was mistaken. I had a hard time with this. C&C welcome.

    1.When the cows come home...

    2.When the cows come home...

    3.When the cows come home...

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    Re: When the cows come home...

    Hi Jon,
    Don't ask me about composition, I am still a learner at that but the images all look a bit soft.
    I noticed your shutter speed was 1/40th sec. Might be a bit slow if these shots were hand held.
    Does your camera have manual control over shutter speed?. A tripod or some stable surface I think will help and using some fill flash might help to sharpen the images.
    Cheers, Greg

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    Re: When the cows come home...

    They are not sharp, or exposed correctly or well framed.

    I love them!!

    Very nice mood.
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    Re: When the cows come home...

    Dark and white cattle, or anything similar, are always very difficult to photograph well, Jon. I tend to expose for the white then recover the darker areas during processing. But it doesn't always work well.

    With these particular shots, it seems to me that you are actually focusing behind the closest point. The ear tags look sharper than their noses. And your available focus depth is fairly shallow.

    This is an occasion where manual focusing would have been useful; but I often find the subjects move around quicker than I can manually focus, so I am always trying to refocus to keep up with the changing action.

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