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Thread: Need help with file formats

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    Need help with file formats

    Hi people ,I am not a really computer literate person ,so I am hoping joining this site will help me, I wanted to know about rgb? I tried to upload some art work into the australian Cartoonists site , they rejected it saying it was too big , it needs to be jpeg's est at rgb color and then it will be resized auto , what I do with my images is I scan them in as jpeg's to a file and when I want to send or upload somewhere I hit browse and up comes the file ok but where is the RGB??? help!!! bobbeeart What I do is artwork trying to make a dollar and it's going ok ,I have got quite a bit of work doing posters for musos and bands

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    Re: Need help with file formats

    Hi Bob,

    Basically, there's only 2 main formats that you can save the a file into: RGB and CMYK, although there are a few "variations" on each that can "upset the apple cart".

    My suggestion is to post one here and let us take a look at it ... nine times out of ten we can quickly see what the problem is.

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Need help with file formats

    Just an initial thought. Have you scanned it as Adobe RGB colours instead of basic RGB. The Adobe version has a larger file size and can sometimes cause problems when used on the internet, so standard RGB is the version which is more frequently used.

    If you aren't familar with image sizing I wonder what resolution was your scan (pixels per inch)? And what resolution do they require?

    If you can check both items (Image size menu should give your current size) then report back with the details someone will be able to run through the finer techniques of image resizing.

    It can't be a major problem.

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