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Thread: Panasonic GF1 - should I?

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    Panasonic GF1 - should I?


    Currently I am using Panasonic FZ50 and eventually I will buy me something 'lil bit better.
    This is what I have in mind. Preview

    So, guys, what do you think?

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    Re: Panasonic GF1 - should I?

    I personally would wait a bit.

    Perhaps a couple of months to observe where the micro ft is going. The EP2 shocked everyone with how quickly it supplement the EP1 and who knows what else is down the drain.

    I am holding on to my LX3 for now and awaiting. That said, I do have bigger sensor cameras in traditional forms. Not sure if you need the GF1 or the like ASAP for some event.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Panasonic GF1 - should I?

    I'm personally very happy with the new M4/3 system, and particularly with the concept itself (doesn't necessarily to be M4/3):

    - Cameras small enough to carry in your jacket's pocket, ideal for travelling and street shooting without being seen as an intruder by your eventual subjects nor having back ache in the end of the day.
    - Quality enough to achieve results close to a DSLR (the M4/3 sensor is almost the same size as APS-C, it's simply not yet as good as a Canon but in the future who knows?).
    - Interchangeable lenses including both old luminous lenses (Leica for example), and new nice pancake primes coming (the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 is my favourite so far). Bokeh is not a problem on this format like in compact cameras.

    And this is just the beginning, I think that in the next couple of years I will find my camera. These are the kind of cameras I find a real pleasure to carry and use.


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