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Thread: Daddy's got a new toy

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    Daddy's got a new toy

    I have not been terribly happy with the quality or the reach of my Tamron 18-270, so when I saw a Sigma 400mm F5.6 at my local camera shop, I had to pull the trigger

    First Shots, sorry, but I forgot the darn camera was set for jpeg, so only sharpened

    Daddy's got a new toy
    I am quite pleased with the quality of the images, this is from halfway across driveway...........nice reach!!

    Daddy's got a new toy
    Had to take a duck shot; damn ducks were not terribly cooperative, they were probably 50M out. What impresses me is this a heavy crop from a jpeg and still retains fair detail.

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    Re: Daddy's got a new toy

    Certainly a nice lens but then primes usually are.

    The Tamron 18-270 is a pretty good lens and great for walkaround purposes. It does show its best in good light and at about f8.

    Nice shots btw, the first one is very nice.

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