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Thread: Seen through Nature's lacework

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    Seen through Nature's lacework

    This is a part of the 1929 city cinema designed by American John Eberson which was a cinema seating 3371 people and was the largest in Melbourne. It's Moorish revival exterior with towers and minarets is now dwarfed by surrounding Office blocks and multi storey car parks. It currently is used as a premier live music venue for International and home grown talent and as a Comedy Festival centre. Anyway, I thought this was an interesting lace work effect from the street trees. I have included another shot from a different location just to give a clearer view of its construction.
    Thanks for viewing and for any cc comments you might like to post to help me do better.

    Seen through Nature's lacework

    Seen through Nature's lacework
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    Re: Seen through Nature's lacework

    I wrote (just a couple of days ago) in response to one of Manfred's images about the importance of really working a location in order to find the best shot and not just fire off as soon as you get to a chosen place. This is a perfect example of that.

    I suspect that 99.99% of people who ever take a shot of this building do so from somewhere like the where the second shot was taken from. "Very nice. Yeh, great. Cool building. Next picture please". Whereas, in my opinion, the first one results from working to get the shot that really becomes a picture worthy of the name. The result of really looking. And that leads to us stopping to really look at the final image.

    To be snobbish about it, this is the photographer rather than the snapper, at work

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