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Thread: Odd fault on a Canon Pixma IP 4000

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    Odd fault on a Canon Pixma IP 4000

    I am printing photos,both colour and greyscale. 4 x 6 through PSE 8.Using Canon ink and Canon glossy paper.

    Previously, the results were very good. Making a photo book for my daughter -from a tot till now (she coming up for 47).

    Now I have started to get a quarter of an inch band of odd colour about one inch from the end of each photograph print.

    Have changed all the inks in an attempt to clear this odd fault. The picture is great until I get the band and is okay after the band.
    Have cleaned and deep-cleaned printer several times.
    Hope someone out there can help me.Please!

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    Re: Odd fault on a Canon Pixma IP 4000

    It's hard to diagnose just from your description. Is there any way you could scan and post the image in question?

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    Re: Odd fault on a Canon Pixma IP 4000

    Does it matter what size paper you are printing on? In other words, does it always happen when the print head is in a specific location? If so, look for interference in that part of the print head track.

    If it occurs in the same location of a print regardless of the picture's physical size (2 x 3, 4 x 6 or 8 x 12 for example), then it could be a printer memory problem.

    One other thought. If you can see the print preview, does the issue occur there or when printing to any other printer?

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    Re: Odd fault on a Canon Pixma IP 4000

    Hello Manfred,
    The issue doesn't show in the on screen preview. The print is perfect right up until the odd band shows and after the band it is perfect again. Over the recent two weeks the printer has printed out over 40 perfect pics. It is pretty old so maybe it calls for the bin but it has been good. As the fault is so odd I wondered if anyone has seen it - they would remember it!

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