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Thread: Great Egrets

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    Great Egrets

    Caught a pair in the very top of a tree this morning in the marsh. I would like to have been closer but was not possible. C & C Welcomed.

    Great Egrets

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    Re: Great Egrets

    I like the composition on this but I do wish that they had been against a sky with more contrast. But us wildlife photographers must use what nature provides us!

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    Re: Great Egrets

    Thanks Terri,

    Just a few minutes earlier the sky was a darker blue mixed with a pale pinkish color (early sunrise colors) and would have been perfect. But their timing was not with the sky, however I was glad to get the shot and was very satisfied with it.
    Maybe one day I'll learn how to change out the sky on images. If someone wanted to give it a go it would be okay by me. I can send the CR2 file if needed.

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