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Thread: Water and Flowers

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    Water and Flowers

    Hi all,

    Just a couple more examples of photos taken with the Tamron 60mm macro



    Water and Flowers
    Water and Flowers

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    Re: Water and Flowers

    Hi Jason,

    It looks like you avoided blowing an channels on the yellow flower, so well done there. However the choice of f/5.6 has given a very narrow DoF which robs the viewer (well me) of detail I'd like to see.

    #2 is pretty good, the arrangement of drops on the leaf is probably natural/random, thinking out loud; I wonder if it is possible to artifically place a drop(s) for a more optimum composition though? Not saying you should have, I'm just wondering!

    What I do like about #2 is being able to study the surrounding buildings reflected in the drop.


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