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Thread: Adobe programs freeze

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    Adobe programs freeze

    I have been having problems with both CS6 and PSE10 freezing up.

    I have plenty of available memory.

    When I go to Windows Task Manager (I am running Windows 7) I am always on an application named wuauclt.exe. Even ending that process doesn't seem to help.

    Additionally, my computer keeps trying to install a program called ISI updater. I refuse to install it but, cannot make it go away...

    I use Microsoft Security essentials and Iolo System Mechanic Premium.

    I hate to spend the money on my computer technician to clear this problem up. I am hoping for a home, DIY, solution...

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    Re: Adobe programs freeze

    Both wuauclt.exe and ISI updater are malware, so it looks like your computer is infected with a virus / trojan.

    Try rebooting your computer and get it to start up in Safe Mode and run your virus scanner to see if it eliminates the problem.

    If this doesn't work, try downloading Malwarebytes from I had a virus that my AV software couldn't get rid of and my AV software company's help desk suggested that I run Malwarebytes.

    Once you get rid of the malware, set up your computer to run in both Administrator and User mode. Use administrator mode only when you install software and user mode any other time you use the computer. That will help reducing the chance of malware installing itself.

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    Re: Adobe programs freeze

    Found this on Microsoft's website:

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Adobe programs freeze

    Hi Richard,

    I had problems recently and found that the updated apple operating system software has found some bugs in Photoshop. I downloaded fixes for Photoshop and the latest version of the operating system and haven't had a problem since. But of course if you have a PC then your problem will be different. It is a real joy isn't it?


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    Re: Adobe programs freeze

    While Manfred is entirely right to suggest you check for malware I thought I'd clarify the role of wuauclt.exe just in case others discover they have this process running and get worried.

    wuauclt.exe is the Windows Update Auto Update Client executable and a necessary and legitimate Microsoft program, though that doesn't guarantee it's NOT been infected*. There are many (too many to list here) articles on Windows Update issues, often down to corrupt catalogues or local content stores that cause Windows Update to run out of control, fail to install updates, repeatedly tring to install an update that is already applied etc. 3rd party system services and update services that are poorly witten can also interfere with the Windows Update process, causing similar problems.

    A frequently successful fix for Windows Update issues (and Microsoft Update) is to carry out a 'clean boot', run Windows Update repeatedly (restarting as required) until all updates are sucessfully installed and then reinstate your 'normal' startup processes.

    To perform a clean boot on XP and Vista, 7 and 8.
    Windows XP:
    Windows Vista, 7 & 8:

    *If you are having issues with Windows system services or applications and your computer checks out clean for malware you can double check the validity of Windows executables by running the Windows SFC utility (Sytem File Checker) to detect and restore any corrupt system files, see links below for details.

    Vista & 7:

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