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Thread: First Moon Shots

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    First Moon Shots

    Never taken a photo of craters on the moon before, I was shocked because you sure cant see them through the viewfinder.
    Any advice on how to do this correctly please fire away.

    Image Quality: Jpeg Fine (8-bit)
    Device: Nikon D3200
    Lens: 70-300mm f/4-5.6G
    Focal Length: 300mm
    Focus Mode: AF-A
    AF-Area Mode: Single

    Aperture: f/14
    Shutter Speed: 1/60s
    Exposure Mode: Manual
    Exposure Comp.: +0.7EV
    ISO Sensitivity: ISO 100
    White Balance: Auto, 0, 0

    First Moon Shots

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    Re: First Moon Shots

    I've never tried moon shots, but there are many who have made magnificent images.

    Can I suggest that you click on 'Discussion Categories' on the menu bar above and. from that, click 'astrophotography'. You'll find quite a number of threads in there that feature moon shots and discussions about how best to do it.

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    Re: First Moon Shots

    With a result like one you have I am not sure you need any advise. But I do have a question - why did you chose f14? The moon is a moving object and at such a distance depth of field not a factor so I would tend towards a wider aperture, a higher shutter speed and maybe ISO200.
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