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Thread: Day I went for a drive

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    Day I went for a drive

    Hello all,

    It was a nice day, so I took the camera for a drive. Comments always welcome

    I'm also trying out a new border option. Any thoughts?

    Day I went for a drive

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    Re: Day I went for a drive

    Must have been the same nice day that I enjoyed walking around the airfield here in Nelson (other end of same island to those who don't know New Zealand's geography).

    I'm going to have to charge you 20c everytime you use the word "Southern" in "Southern Vista" though

    Re: The new border - I use the light colour scheme and it provides a good contrast - but it'll probably disappear for those who are using the dark scheme. I also thought that you might find a better font for the title.

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Day I went for a drive

    Very good. Great tonal range and colours. That could go on the proverbial wall.

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