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Thread: Great resource site - Time and Date

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    Great resource site - Time and Date

    Here is a great website for both photographers and non-photographers.

    "Time and Date" will give you a lot of information regarding just about anyplace in the world.

    Of special importance to photographers are the calculations of sunrise and sunset times for any city (area) that you select. The site will additionally give you information about the compass bearings for the sunrise and sunset. This is important if the photographer wants to frame a particular landmark or structure in the sunrise or sunset.

    The site will also give you phases of the moon and the same basic information regarding moonrise and moon set as it does for the sun. It also gives you the azimuth of the moon.

    There are other features of this free web site that are informative such as a world clock and a perpetual calendar but, but are not necessarily useful specifically for photography.

    I plan to print out the appropriate information for my forthcoming (April 2010) trip to China because I don't know if I will be able to access this Internet site from that nation.

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    Re: Great resource site

    Quote Originally Posted by rpcrowe View Post
    Here is a great website for both photographers and non-photographers.
    Will be great when they produce an iPhone version

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