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Thread: K 20 or KR?

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    K 20 or KR?

    I would like to return to the Pentax fold again. As an impoverished pensioner funds are in short supply.
    What are your opinions on the K-20 or am I better to pay extra for a K-R? I use a camera for my own use not as a professional and video is of no concern to me. If editing is needed I use an editing program so these gizmos included in the internal software are not normally used.
    Opinions and/or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    How can I check shutter actuations? I have found a K20 on ebay with an asking price of €390. One owner and a 2008 model. A reasonable price?
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    Re: K 20 or KR?

    The K20 been discontinued. Not sure you want to pay the extra or not but have you check out the K30, looks to be a winner.

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