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Thread: Sunset, dime a 2 cents C&C welcome

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    Sunset, dime a 2 cents C&C welcome

    There's nothing new under the sun, but that being said, C&C welcomed and appreciated.

    Sunset, dime a 2 cents  C&C welcome

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    Re: Sunset, dime a 2 cents C&C welcome

    Maybe a dime a dozen, but you've still got to have the skill to be able to make a good image out of them and, for me, this one is right up there.

    What a sky!

    Normally, I'd say that to have any part of a blown sun in the image tends to kill it. Not here. I think the sky is so dramatic and powerful that it can compete with the blown sun and out attention is not dragged exclusively towards that bright spot.

    Well done, Jack. I think that's a good one.

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    Re: Sunset, dime a 2 cents C&C welcome

    An impressive photo Jack. I imagine you only had a couple of minutes to capture that moment.

    What camera settings did you use? (There is no EXIF data in the picture.) It looks like a high ISO was used (probably to freeze the motion of the people on the jetty), because there appears to be some noise in the picture. Have you tried reducing it?



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    Re: Sunset, dime a 2 cents C&C welcome

    Thank you for your input and your (high) praise, both are greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Sunset, dime a 2 cents C&C welcome

    Thank you too for your comments and praise. As you can see, the there was a space between the clouds where the sun shone through and it traversed it rather quickly.
    Apparently, saving the picture as a tiff removes the relevant data but from the original, it was shot at f/3.6, 1/1000 sec at ISO 160.
    Regarding your comment about noise, thanks and yes, I've gone back in and was able to reduce the noise a bit. It may have resulted from tweaking the contrast a bit.

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